Idea after Idea

Some people would tell me “Yes, You’re full of it.”

I find many things fascinating.  I make a living creating software, so liking to think is natural.   I saw an article today in slashdot that seemed very familiar and I feel like saying “Hey,  I had an idea like that!” and “I really should have written about that a long time ago”. Continue reading


Pixar Stories

I happened to turn on the TV while Pixar’s short films were playing.

It was just at the end of the short from the Incredibles movie in which we see what happened with the baby sitter while everyone was out.

Seems to me that Karrie kept her head very well considering what was happening. It would up reminding me of MIB when they recruited Will Smith’s character because he could keep his head when confronted with alien surprises.

Maybe we’ll see a Pixar short one day with Karrie working in the government’s department of Supers’ Relations.

(Idea released to Pixar for free, uncompensated use, etc.)

Alexandria ranked “Excellent” in Costume Design

Ellen just told me on the phone that Alexandria took 2nd place in the costume design category in the district Thespians’s competition.  (Competition for the school clubs dealing with acting, singing, entertaining, etc.)

The 3 judges gave her marks of Excellent, Excellent and Superior for an overall score of “Excellent”  (See scoring details at  She won’t be competing in the state competition this time as she needed an overall of “Superior” to automatically move up.  But since she said on the phone that the whole thing made her so nervous, she doesn’t mind.

Alexandria will be going on the trip to the State competition as an observer and helper.  So she still gets a field trip out of it.

From the Lake Mary Prep newsletter:


That traditional theatre exclamation wishing a great performance goes to the following students who will be competing at the District level this Saturday, January 23, at Dr. Phillip’s High School in Orlando.

Alex Sellers, presenting her costume design for CAMELOT
Aubrey Peeples, singing “My Party Dress” from HENRY & MUDGE
Charlotte Warta & Cherie Rufiange singing, “Marry the Man Today” from GUYS & DOLLS
Cherie Rufiange, singing “I Will Be Loved Tonight” from I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE
Dana Kruger, singing “This Place is Mine” from PHANTOM
Jason Salerno, presenting his scenic design for IS HE DEAD?
Olivia Blackwood, performing two contrasting dramatic and comedic monologues
Olivia blackwood & Dana Kruger, performing “Hotel Lavalier” from FOR WOMEN ONLY

Alex gets to attend the award ceremony so we won’t see her until late tonight. We are proud of her of course.

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Job Hunting Frustrations

Lots of things about hunting for work are taxing. Dealing with the wide array of job sites is one I’ve touched today.  (When you’re self employed, its a big percentage of what you do, all the time.)

I was updating my résumé and the various automatic searches because I’m looking for work in iPhone development (see my website at   But when I updated an automatic search on one such popular site and interesting looking job appeared with Apple.  Great! Click it quick!

It was AN AD!  For paid training to get Apple certifications.  I don’t know if Apple was involved in this, but this is a bit like the time when search engines of old mixed paid ads with real results without making note of it.  Now Google is king of search.

Sad, sad, sad. for job sites that allow this.

Hello world!

No, not quite the WordPress standard 1st post.   For me, I first heard of WordPress while listening to the TWIT podcast.  I had been watching and/or listening to Leo Laporte since he was on ZDTV with Kate Patello (Sumi Dos was there too.)  

I started using WordPress when I finally wanted a better blog than my desktop web page software could manage.   I started getting really into it when a client requested help getting more features into his website.

This will be a personal website, containing things related to family and friends and only loosely related to work, if at all.